Meet Whitney & Ricky!

I have known both Whitney and Ricky since my early high school years. So when they asked me to photograph their wedding day, I was ecstatic! 

They first met at a local gym and soon became friends. They both realized they shared an interest in nutrition & other things which led to the next. Ricky decided to ask Whitney out on a date and they began dating thereafter!

The years passed and their love for one another continued to grow. They had two precious little boys and were pretty content with their lives. Then, everything changed when they both met the Lord a year ago and they gave their lives to Him. Soon they realized how important it was to have the Lord's blessing over their marriage and began to receive marriage preparation through their church to make their love and commitment to one another and to Christ official :) They were married by Pastor Ernie from The Church, who gave a really beautiful ceremony and you couldn't help but feel the presence of God.

Their wedding day was whimsical, woodsy, and full of God's grace! 

Take a look at some of my favorites from their wedding day!