So Im a little behind on blogging!! whats new lol. Well my little guy just turned one last week. Its a bitter sweet moment. I m truly happy and blessed he is growing strong and healthy. Although I feel like my baby is growing way to fast!! Im pretty sure all the mom's in the world feel the same about their children. I swear my mom still thinks I am her little girl :) I have to remind her that I am an adult now and that she can't always tell me what to do. You have to love moms. They are always wanting the best for their children. On that Note, Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful mamas out there !! Here is a picture of my little guy's first birthday photo shoot. He sure made me work for it ! I was also able to get some beautiful shots of my baby girl :)


2013-05-01_0002 2013-05-02_0002 2013-05-02_0003