Karen is one of my close friends who I got the chance to know and share some of my life with. She is super sweet and has no bad bones in her body. Her heart is huge and always ready to love. I am blessed to have her as my friend! When she announced she was getting married, I felt honored to capture it all :)

Karen & Luis met in High school and it instantly fell in love. Luis & Karen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl there after. After High school, Luis received the Bill Gates scholarship which allowed him to go to school wherever he chose. They made some sacrifices that would definitely pay off in the end. Karen completely supported Luis and they both decided it was best for Luis to go to ASU full time. While it meant that they would be apart for 4 years, their love grew stronger for one another.

They would visit on weekends and spend as much time together as they could. As Luis' graduation was approaching, they decided to plan to get married a couple weeks after. 

They had a little wedding ceremony that was both beautiful and very personal :)  Luis graduated with his Engineering degree and got offered a job in West Virginia. They now live there and finally live together at last. Forever! 

I wish you guys a lifetime of being together, full of health, understanding, forgiveness, joy, and everlasting love!