Meet Pam and Gabe :) They had shared the same mutual friends for quite some time, both shared a passionate love for the Lord, and loved ministry work but had yet to meet each other. While everyone could see how obvious it was to see that God had destined for them to be together, they had yet to meet. After hearing from everyone around them how they should meet each other, they were finally introduced and the Lord began to prepare theirs hearts for what He had in store for them!

After months of dating, praising the Lord together, doing ministry work, and discerning God's will, Gabe proposed to her! She say yes of course :) 

I was privileged to be a part of such a beautiful, full of the Holy spirit wedding day! There was praise and celebration all around them :) Take a look at how their wedding day unfolded!

Church: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Venue: American Royal Palace