First Came Love: 

I met my husband when I was thirteen and I didn't think anything of it. We continued to live our teen years never having a conversation nor having interest in each other. It was 4 years later that we crossed paths because the guy I was dating then, was his friend so we had more interaction with each other.  Thank God the guy broke my heart which led me to seek a friendship in my husband. We became friends and my husband really helped me get through the break up. The best part was that he didn't expect anything in return for his friendship. He was so kind and respectful! Within 2 months of hanging out, he confessed he had developed feelings for me and I told him I was not ready, that I needed time to heal. I also told him I understood if he wanted to move on because thats what every other guy did. Instead, he said he would wait. Wow, I was shocked! At that point, I was done with dating and was planning to focus on school. Little did I know that he was my unanswered prayer. See, I am the type of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and at that stage of my life, it was really dangerous. After that last break up, I was fed up with my heart breaking. I had finally reached out to God and share what was in my heart with HIM. Not knowing if it would work or not, I began asking God to bless me with a good husband. My heart yearned for that. I had always known I was called to marriage and motherhood. Well, let's just say that God listens and He works quick ;-) After two months of waiting, I finally felt ready to give my husband a try with a few clear conditions ha ha. That I was waiting until I got married to do anything (hint, hint) and that if that was what he was looking for, that he would be wasting his time and mine. He said " I respect that and thats not what I am looking for!". God was really working here :)  We began dating and things felt good. He showed me patience, respect and loved me unconditionally. Something I had never experienced before.

Then Came Marriage:

We continued dating and I went through a really tough depression that came out of no where. It really influenced me to dig deeper and to search for what my soul was lacking. See, I grew up knowing there was a God but never really knew Him or His truth and attended church once every 5 years. So you could that my faith department had shut down a long time ago.  After doing my research and really trying to understand who God was and if He could really save me, I decided to give God a true chance. I started going back to church and seeking His truth. It was hard but oh so worth it. I began to see how His truth made sense and to see how I really had been doing all wrong, which would only lead me to further destruction. I ended up giving my life to Christ at 18 and He healed me from the depression that night! It truly was a miracle :) I had never felt such fulfillment. I felt complete. Of course, I had to make some life changes and learn to choose better for my soul to not go back into it. Then it came to the point where God wanted my husband, boyfriend at the time, to jump on board. Well, my husband wanted nothing to do with it.  I ended up involuntarily signing us up for a spiritual retreat. My husband was furious! Let's just say that he didn't talk to me for a 4 hour drive to the retreat and if his looks could kill, I would have arrived dead! Thank goodness God had a plan and it was that weekend that my husband met Christ and gave His life to HIM. Which would impact our future and our marriage together. We got really serious after and began to learn to follow Christ. Our lives were changed for the good. I promised myself that I would never want to make myself vulnerable to that darkness I had experience. My husband then proposed at Porter Mountain, where he had originally asked me to be his girlfriend. We got married at 19 and people thought we were crazy! Through our marriage, we have learned that love is not a feeling we depend on but a choice we have to make EVERY day! We continue to learn about ourselves and about each other. Marriage has taught us to be the first to say sorry, to forgive quickly, to show grace, to PRAY together, to pray for each other, to give thanks at all times, but most importantly, to put God first. To this day, being married to my best friend is the best decision I could have ever made! And because of God's work in our lives and in our marriage, I can say that our marriage gets better EVERY year! Because we have learned that even when we face trials and bumps, that as long as we have Christ and we have each other, we lack nothing :)

Then came 4 baby carriages: 

We have four beautiful kids who look just like their Daddy. We joke at the fact that every kid we have, looks more and more like my husband. They are all two years apart and we sure do have our hands full. Literally! But we wouldn't change it for the world. They are each so special in their own little ways and our hearts are fuller because of them. Our kids have taught us how to be merciful, how to be encouraging, and have really influenced us to enjoy the little things in life and to not sweat the small stuff. They have blessed our marriage and our everyday lives!!! Our story is not finished and our chapters will continue to grow. We hope that you will join in on our journey as we learn how to do this beautiful life ;) 

Welcome to my World!

♥ Maite