Wife, Mommy of 4, Storyteller, Adventure Seeker, Lover of Living a Purposeful Life, Beyond Blessed and Saved by Grace♥

I am a wedding & portrait photographer born and raised in Arizona.  I have a passion for creating beautiful art that represents the unique love story shared between two people who are madly in love.  I integrate their story with all the beautiful elements of nature to create romantic, vibrant, and enchanting images that will preserve the moments they hold so close to their hearts! 

When I am not connecting with my sweet couples,  you can find me going on adventures with my amazing husband of seven years and chasing after my four beautiful children! 

Maite Knows:

  • Love is not a feeling we depend on, but a choice to be made every day
  • Life is best savored when we find joy in the little moments
  • Yoga pants, statement necklaces, and summer dresses make the perfect mix of casual and elegance
  • No problem is too great when you have Jesus and caramel frappucinos
  • Healthy childhoods are built with picnics, game nights, bedtime stories, and unlimited hugs
  • The world holds great adventure, but so does an undiscovered gem on Netflix
  • Nothing beats nights spent with friends, good food, and inside jokes, but when distance and life calls us elsewhere, social media is a pretty cool way to stay connected